When are your worship services?  We offer a regular Sunday morning worship service and an occasional special service from time to time. The worship service begins at 11:00 am and ends approximately 12:00pm. Afterwards, you’re welcome to mingle and enjoy refreshments in the Fellowship Hall.


Do you have Sunday School?  Yes.  The Ladies Sunday school class begins at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall adjacent to the church sanctuary building.  The Men’s Class begins at 10:00 in the sanctuary. Both end around 10:40am.


What is your church like?  We’re a small, but quaint historic church in the Texas hill country that sings traditional songs from the hymnal.  Theologically, we’re conservative and emphasize the fundamental doctrines of the Bible in our faith and practice. Our Pastor and special speakers typically preach expository sermons based on a selected text of Scripture.

Are you going to make a big deal about me being there?  We’ll be thrilled to see and meet you, but no, we won’t point you out or embarrass you in any way.

Where do I park?  We don’t have a parking lot, but there is parking off the street on our property.  If there is no room on our side, you can park on the opposite side of the street. Just make sure to treat our neighbor’s property with care and respect.


Where do I go?  Our worship services are held in the sanctuary building on the right.  If you need to use the bathrooms, they are located in the Fellowship Hall on the left.

What do I wear?  This is a country church.  There is no pretention. Most people wear casual clothes.  Don’t fret about it. Just show up and worship together with us.